Grief Probate Journey is 18 months old

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December 2020

GRIEF PROBATE JOURNEY IS 18 MONTHS OLD! We really and truly are feeling completely and utterly blessed, humbled, grateful. This is just to name a few words.

To know we have made it this far has truly filled us with so much joy and purpose. It is almost difficult to put into words how much this really means to us.

To know that we are still continuing to share our story, we could not ask for more. We do not take this for granted, we appreciate it and are so grateful that we still have the ability to do what we are doing.

So much is going on in the world. We are living through challenging, unsettling, uncertain, unpredictable times. This list is endless. But at the same time despite these times that we have never lived through before, there are still many positive, inspiring and life changing situations happening around us. We try to hold onto and cherish these moments/occasions. We uplift and support people aspiring to grow further in achieving their desired goals.

Support is something that is also especially important during these times, as well as understanding of one another.

My sister and I are aware that we are individuals, and things that happen in life are individual experiences. This is the one of the main reasons why we came up with the idea of trying to help to make a difference to others by sharing our story.

We are sharing our individual personal experience, (that for even my sister and I are uniquely different experiences) in the hope that it might help someone going through something similar or might know someone going through something similar.

Another thing that feels so strange is the more time that goes on with the blog growing, is the more amount of time we have not had our Dad here with us. This is now the third year. To us it still feels like yesterday. It’s unbelievable to think this many years have passed. We think about our Dad and miss him very much. Our life is not the same without him in it. And never will be again.

Since we reached the milestone of 15 month’s and published Grief Probate Journey is 15 Months old, we continue to reach more and more new countries.  This still brings us tremendous joy. To know our blog is reaching these many countries worldwide, it is beyond us. Please see the list of Countries below:

  • British Virgin Islands
  • Azerbaijan
  • Gibraltar
  • Haiti
  • Sierra Leone
  • Uzbekistan
  • Brunei
  • Nicaragua
  • Bhutan
  • El Salvador
  • Mali
  • Laos
  • Eritrea
  • Mauritania
  • Somalia
  • Anguilla
  • Eritrea
  • Mauritania
  • Gabon
  • Guinea
  • St Kitts & Nevis
  • Armenia
  • Djibouti
  • Angola
  • Greenland
  • Yemen
  • French Polynesia
  • Tonga
  • Panama

That is a further 29 countries in three months.

We have been fortunate to have achieved the following:

  • We have had another Guest Blog. Guest Blog: Emma Grace Brown – Practical Solutions to Household Tension in the COVID-19 Era. With the unforeseen worldwide pandemic that we are currently living through Emma wanted to put together something to try and help families during these difficult times as we face lockdowns and spending more time at home. We were happy and honored that Emma got in touch with us, and we were more than happy for this to be a topic on our blog.

We have been mentioned by the following on Instagram:

Normalize Grief, Recovery Coaching, Mom of adolescent twins 👫. ❤️⚓️ JB.

👉 We are an African American Grief support Community. #grief #bipoc
👉 We speak authentically about how grief shows up in our communities. 👇👇

Each time we are notified that we have been mentioned, we get a warming feeling inside. A feeling and a sense of belonging within this supportive community that we have become a part of. We are connected through unfortunate circumstances, but at the same time we are happy to be able to be present and help to support each other.

Mental Wellness club

Its absolutely normal to battle with a mental illness or disorder but what’s most important is awareness, acceptance & seeking support! #mentalhealth

One of our most recent Blog Topics: We Miss our Dad: Parent Loss and Grief brought back interaction on our Facebook business page, we feel honoured when people feel comfortable enough to also share their personal experiences and stories with us.

As we are approaching the end of what has been one of the most surreal and: Challenging, painful, sad year’s in most people lifetime.

There has been solidarity in the first lockdown, however, an almost segregation with the tier system that is now in place. People have endured losses prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic.

There is also a loss of normality in life as we once knew it.

Something that my sister and I have noticed during this time more than ever is that talking to people and sharing how you feel with someone really makes a huge difference, not only for yourself but also for the person you are talking too. It can make such a huge and positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

During this period when I talk to people it makes me feel some sort of normality and it is a chance to put aside the every day reality of the current pandemic we are living through. Here are some links regarding a campaign called Britain get talking which is trying to encourage people to get talking about how they are feeling: Britain Get Talking |2020 Campaign, Britain Get Talking – Young Minds, Britain Get Talking|SAMH, Britain Get Talking|Mind, the mental health charity – help

We are looking forward to the New Year with Faith, Hope and Positivity that we will continue in sharing our story and helping to spread awareness.

We are forever thankful, grateful and blessed for the love and support we are receiving on our journey. Love to you all it means so much to us and we appreciate it more than words could ever describe.

Love and blessings to all.

The Greene Family

Grief Probate Journey


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