Anxiety, Christmas Pandemic and Grief

It’s coming to the end of another year. A year for my sister and I feel like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye.

A year that has been full of many challenges, both mental and physical. For my sister and I, this year feels like it was more difficult than last year. Maybe this is our Mum had been quite ill for most of this year, and because we have been living through this pandemic for so long….

Please see Anxiety Christmas Pandemic Grief which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Anxiety Christmas and Grief
  3. Christmas and Grief
  4. Anxiety, Grief and the pandemic
  5. Our Final thoughts/Our YouTube Channel

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Please see Anxiety, Christmas Pandemic and Grief:

1. Introduction

It’s coming to the end of another year. A year for my sister and I feel like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye.

A year that has been full of many challenges, both mental and physical. For my sister and I, this year feels like it was more difficult than last year. Maybe this is because our Mum had been quite ill for most of this year, and because we have been living through this pandemic for so long.

We also feel anxious about the complaint we are making against the hospital that our Dad was an inpatient. It is in our thoughts in the background, but as soon as we receive any correspondence about it, our emotions are heightened.

Life felt like it was starting to come to some sort of normality that we once knew before, and now there is a new variant.

Life is so unpredictable; plans cannot be set in stone with restrictions changing. And again, new rules entering a new year. What will 2022 hold, no one can ever know as tomorrow isn’t written.

One thing my sister and I will try our best to do is live our best life.

This pandemic has affected many people worldwide differently.

For me personally, it sent me into a world of isolation to a point that I didn’t even realise. I became more isolated than I was on our journey since our Dad was hospitalised.

Through counselling and support from friends is what made me realise, I was not living.

Thankfully I slowly started to work on myself to try and start living. I do not want to go backwards to that point again. No matter what may come, I am going to remind myself that self-care, self-love, and self-validation is important.

Our mental state of mind and wellbeing is always important, but the times we are living through now is more than enough to push limits of strength, resilience, endurance. It is not always easy to open up about feelings, but if there is someone you feel comfortable reaching out to, it is definitely a good thing to do.

Our journey is a journey not only of grief but the life that happens alongside it. our story is not just about what we are going through, we share to try and help make a difference to others.

We are doing this topic to try and help others who might be feeling similar or know someone going through something similar.

Please see Anxiety, Christmas Pandemic and grief :


2. Anxiety Christmas and Grief

2.1 Managing Grief and Anxiety at Christmas

“Managing Anxiety following a loss and grief at Christmas time can be extremely challenging, but with the right tools and skills it is possible to make it”…

2.2 Anxiety in Grief

“People experience anxiety after the death of a loved one for a number of … and grief related emotions (i.e. fear of emotion and anxiety themselves)”, …

2.3 Coping with grief – Anxiety and Fear

“Accredited by & registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Experienced counsellor / psychotherapist, practicing worldwide via video or telephone”.


3. Christmas and Grief

3.1 Coping with grief at Christmas

“(29 Nov 2021) — Ways to cope with grief at Christmas · Try and be sensitive to everyone’s needs as everyone in the family will have different ways of grieving”…

3.2 Coping with grief at Christmas | Sue Ryder

“Supporting someone who is grieving · “Christmas is not a joyful time for everyone. For some, this time of year will bring up a lot of hurt and hard feelings”…

3.3 How to cope with grief over the festive period – NetDoctor

“(10 Dec 2019) — How to cope with grief at Christmas · ❤️ Plan ahead · ❤️ Honour your loved one · ❤️ Ask for help · ❤️ Help others · ❤️ Look after yourself”.

3.4 What Grieving People Wish You Knew at Christmas – Desiring…

“(21 Dec 2016) — When you come upon a grieving person at a holiday social event, let him know that you are still thinking about the person he loves who has died”, …


4. Anxiety, Grief and the pandemic

4.1 What should I do I’m having anxiety because of the coronavirus pandemic disease

“Concern about the coronavirus outbreak is perfectly normal. However, some people may experience intense anxiety that can affect their daily life. Try to focus on the things you can control, such as your behaviour, who you speak to, and where and how often you get information”…..

4.2 How can I cope with change and uncertainty during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

“1. Take stock of how you feel”

“2. Focus on the short term”

“3. Acknowledge what’s working”

“4. Recognise your achievements”

“5. Find a new rhythm”

“6. Try to stay in the moment”

“7. Reframe your thoughts”

“8. Decide what strategies work for you”

4.3 Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear and Worry

“Understanding your anxiety. It’s a frightening time. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with many places at least partially shut down”, …

4.4 Coronavirus – looking after your mental wellbeing – Mind

“Taking care of your wellbeing in the pandemic can feel difficult. … Read our advice on mask anxiety, face coverings and mental health. Blogger smiling” …

4.5 What is Covid anxiety syndrome?

“Most of us were on high alert initially, experiencing fear and worry over the impact this virus may have. However, researchers have noticed that people were developing a particular set of traits on a larger scale”.

4.6 The Post Pandemic ‘New Normal’ May Come with Grief “(23 Jun 2021) — Key Takeaways. Life post-COVID can bring about feelings of grief. Whether you mourn the loss of a loved one during the pandemic or loss” …

4.7 How to deal with Post-Pandemic Anxiety

“With social distancing rules loosening and vaccine rollouts in full swing, the rush to return to “normal” has some people feeling post-pandemic anxiety and stress. Just as quickly as we had to adapt to the pandemic, it seems as if we’re being asked to transition out of it in a similar fashion”…

4.8 Dealing with Anxiety and Mental Health During a Pandemic

A pandemic can be extremely frightening. We don’t know what to expect as we get conflicting information from various sources. This COVID pandemic is even more daunting as it is a new virus and the medical fraternity does not have all the answers. New research, changing updates and recommendations add to the confusion. It is easy to lose hope, slide into depression and despair when confronted with such a scenario”….

4.9 Loss and Grief During the COVID-19 pandemic

“Similarly, losses, both big and small, can build up and lead to overwhelming feelings of loss, sadness, powerlessness, anxiety and depression. Anticipatory”…

4.10 Grief and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult emotional experiences that we can have in life. The pain and grief that follows can seem, at times”, …

4.11 Facing the Grief Gathering in Our Hearts

“Facing the Grief Gathering in Our Hearts. by ELIZABETH LESSER. It’s been a snowy winter so far where I live in New York’s Hudson Valley”.


5. Our Final thoughts/Our YouTube Channel

This topic is coming from a place of trying to show there are ways to uplift yourself if you might be feeling low at this time of the year. Feeling low or going through a loss is hard at the best of times, but with the pandemic and a new variant looming so close to the New Year, is, even more, to deal with.

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2 thoughts on “Anxiety, Christmas Pandemic and Grief

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this post. Whilst I do not need the advice myself as I am not anxious about Covid 19 or coronavirus, you have done an excellent thing.

    I have read up about your dad. I am very sorry he is not here with you still, but as a follower of Jesus Christ as I am, he will have believed in the resurrection as I do. You will therefore see him again and be reunited with him.

    As regards Covid 19 or coronavirus I am not afraid because I know what it is and how to deal with it. It is in essence the ‘flu made out to be a monster by propaganda to scare people.

    The ‘flu is the internal toxicosis of the body, partly due to metabolism of food and partly due to the many poisons in our environment which can and do enter our bodies in the air, food and water.

    I write more on my website if you are interested and here is my link to my summary on Covid 19 which gives access to various sub-links to the relevant matters. Please note I do use humour to lighten the mood and to help make the points. You might like the one on masks.

    This may help too.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


    1. Hello Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

      Thank you very much for your encouraging comment and feedback. Thank you also for your insightful information. It is great to have another perspective on the topic.

      We appreciate the links that you have shared and will check them out and your website.

      We are grateful for you taking the time to leave us this feedback. It is very helpful for us.

      Wishing you a great remainder of the week.

      Grief Probate Journey.

      Liked by 1 person

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