Grief attack

This is another one of the unplanned topics we publish. We came across a quote with the heading Grief attack…… Please see Grief attack which covers: © Copyright Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* It is also based on our own experience. *We are not experts […]

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Triggers Anxiety and Grief

My sister and I are aware the moment our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016 to this very day our anxiety has gone through the roof. We are also aware that triggers can transport us back to moments of the trauma of our Dad’s situation, making us feel like we are literally back in that […]

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Emotions and Grief

Throughout our topics, we have often referred to the range of emotions we experience along our journey. It seems one of the biggest emotions that has not been dealt with is opening up to the emotion of the loss of our Dad. This feels like something extremely: Major Scary Uncomfortable Unimaginable Unknown Please see Emotions […]

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Anxiety and Grief

Throughout our journey, we have experienced many different thing’s. Each new thing we face and go through brings on its own set of: Challenges, Worries, Excitement, Fear. In the moment of experiencing a certain emotion, it can feel quite intense…. Please see: Anxiety and Grief which covers: Introduction Anxiety and Grief quotes Anxiety Anxiety and […]

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