Grief Probate Journey is 36 MONTHS OLD!!!!

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December 2022

WOW, WOW, WOW! We have made it to THREE WHOLE YEARS!

Three Years of:

  • Publishing blog topics weekly, (but sometimes more than once in a week)
  • Creating short videos on our YouTube channel to promote our topics
  • Becoming integrated into an amazing Grief Community
  • Working with inspirational people within the grief community
  • Working with like-minded people who reach out to us to work with us
  • Becoming friends with those who share their stories with us
  • Learning from the people who share with us
  • Growing and building our blog and social media platforms
  • Growing and trying to progress as people

On the flip side of all of this is our other main reality: FIVE YEARS since our Dad sadly passed away! WOW! Cannot believe it in the slightest. It is the strangest feeling ever. We know it is our reality, but we still almost block it out of our minds!

Our lives changed forever on 5th September 2016 when our Dad became hospitalised and diagnosed with Infective Endocarditis. We have topics on: Infective Endocarditis and Infective Endocarditis and Blindness.

We had no clue what was in store for us on that day. We have been on a journey of learning, emotions and discovery ever since.

As always, we would like to say A HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU, to EVERYONE who is here for us! We appreciate you all in ways that are hard to explain! We are honoured, grateful and blessed for your support, encouragement, and guidance, it all means so much to us.

Since publishing Grief Probate Journey is 33 Months old we have:

  • Been involved in a 72-Hour Global Grief Conference. We were honoured to be part of a 72-hour Global Grief conference. Our interview slot took place on Saturday 30th April 2022. At the moment it truly felt like what can go wrong will go wrong. Despite all the prior practice sessions. At the moment of our live interview, our sound wasn’t working on our microphone. We miraculously managed to sort it out and make it through the interview. We are so happy to have been part of it and hope it will be helpful and useful for others.
  • Our Official Grief Probate Journey Instagram account was hacked in May 2022. We had over 1,000 followers at the time. Our network, our community, and three years of content gone.

This topic is delayed by months (we started drafting it in April 2022). We would have published this in June 2022 when we officially became Three Years old, but during that time things were cloudy, uncertain, and troubling. We were doing everything in our power to try and get our page back, as well as get back the other accounts the hackers got into (We have a topic on our hacking).

Despite this major setback, in September 2022, we found it within ourselves to start again with a new Instagram account. We are now working towards rebuilding our network and community and rebuilding our strength and confidence.

This return would not have been possible if not for the invaluable support from our family, friends and members of the grief community encouraging us and affirming that what we do is needed, they believe in us and we should not give up.

We could not be more thankful, grateful, and appreciative of this encouragement. We truly feel blessed. We are also thankful to our readers and followers of the blog. Despite us not posting for three months our topics were being viewed worldwide on a daily basis during this time. We were lost for words to describe how much this meant and means to us.

We want to say a huge, massive thank you for the amazing welcome back we have had. It has been lovely reconnecting with people again. It makes the comeback feel less daunting. And thank you to our new followers.

It can feel like a lonely road on this journey, but the encouragement and support that we get reaffirms why we continue sharing our story.

We have been back for three months now, and we have no regrets. We are looking forward to many more years of trying our best to bring awareness to Grief, health, Mental health and life situations that are not necessarily well spoken about but can cause major impacts on our lifestyle.

Love Hugs and Blessings

Grief Probate Journey


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