Random Acts of Kindness Week: 15th – 21st February 2021 – Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th 2021)

Preview to the topic: With the way the world is right now, kindness, and random acts of kindness can make an even bigger difference and impact to someone more than usual. During these times of the pandemic, social distancing, self-isolating it can be quite easy to feel down, alone, scared to name a few feelings […]

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Infective Endocarditis and Blindness

Preview to topic: We decided to write about this matter, as our Dad’s initial diagnosis upon his admission to the hospital in September 2016 was Infective Endocarditis. (We also have a topic about Infective Endocarditis). Unfortunately, the infection went into our Dad’s eyes causing him to lose his sight…. Please see Infective Endocarditis and Blindness […]

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Prolonged Grief

Preview to topic: This was not a planned topic when doing research for something else, we came across this term: Prolonged Grief. Something about this made us want to investigate further to see what this term was about and what it meant. We found a similarity that we could relate to and this is why […]

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End of a Year and Grief

Preview of topic: We are coming to the end of another year 2020 and our final blog post for the year. And what a year this has been. Worldwide this has been one of the most challenging and life-changing years in history. The world and the way we knew it has drastically and dramatically changed…. […]

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Family and Grief

Preview to topic: Sitting processing our thoughts for a moment. Family and grief came to mind. We googled it and was pleasantly surprised by what we found. The feeling of family came to mind as: Within our family, although our parents divorced when I was 8 and my sister was 11, our unit remained close… […]

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Anxiety and Grief

Preview to topic: Throughout our journey, we have experienced many different thing’s. Each new thing we face and go through brings on its own set of: Challenges, Worries, Excitement, Fear. In the moment of experiencing a certain emotion, it can feel quite intense…. Please see: Anxiety and Grief which covers: Introduction Anxiety and Grief quotes […]

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