Community Grief Support

This topic came about when thinking about the community of grief we have become part of since publishing our first ever blog topic in June 2019. We are so thankful and grateful to have discovered this community, we are so thankful and grateful to have been welcomed into this community, we are so thankful and grateful for the support we have within this community…..

Please see Community Grief Support which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Gregory Jones: Color of Grief
  3. Pari Pascale Seiler: Intuity World
  4. Amber Jeffery: The Grief Gang Podcast
  5. Me, Mel: @melly_20_
  6. Randi Pearlman Wolfson: Grief and Grits
  7. Jermaine: Thinking Out Loud Pod
  8. Our Final Thoughts/Our YouTube Video


1. Introduction

We started our blog because of everything we have experienced from the moment our Dad was hospitalised in September 2016, sadly passing away in March 2017. At that time, we thought that was the worst thing that could have been possible. But the very next day our world was turned upside down once again when having to deal with the death certificate only to find out the coroners were involved, and an autopsy was being done.

Words cannot express how we felt in that moment in time, but we literally felt like after having been thrown off of one hamster wheel, we were being catapulted right back onto another one and another world of the complete unknown. It was unsettling times to say the very least. what has been so helpful for us is the support and understanding of friends and family, and of the people with who we have become connected along our grief journey. We are truly thankful and grateful and feel blessed to have this support.

The idea of this topic came about when thinking about the community of grief we have become part of since publishing our first ever blog topic in June 2019, and also after doing our topic on Collective Grief.

After that we thought it would be a nice idea to collaborate within the inspiring grief community, we have been blessed to become a part of, and share this network of support.

Since publishing our first blog topic, my sister and I are growing and developing, and so too is the blog. We were not aware this community of supportive people that are also experiencing similar losses are in a network of one great and amazing support system.

We wanted to honour some of these amazing people and share the great work that they do through the grief they are experiencing in their journey.

We were so humbled when we got yes from those that were able to respond, and we are so excited to be publishing this topic.

When putting everything together for this topic and explaining how we all became connected, we realised something special. We have become connected through knowing and supporting one another. This is such a great feeling. We knew this anyway, but when you take the time to step back outside of something and take a look from a different perspective, this is when you are able to realise and acknowledge what you have achieved.


Please see: Community Grief Support

2. Gregory Jones: Color of Grief

We first came into contact with Greg from the colorofgrief after working with Jane Edberg: The Fine Art of Grieving. We contacted Jane with the idea of having a guest feature. Hobbies and Grief- Guest Feature: Jane Edberg: The Fine Art of Grieving. Jane thankfully agreed and from there a connection was formed.

Jane kindly referred us to Greg and from there we had our first ever interview: Interview with The Color of Grief: Who we are, Our journey, and how we got into the world of blogging- Tuesday 14th April 2020.

Since this time we have been supporting each other along our journey of grief. We were so happy and also honoured that a year after being interviewed by Greg we had the pleasure of interviewing him ourselves.

Color of Grief

“We are an African American Grief Support Community”. #grief #bipoc

“We speak authentically about how grief shows up in our communities”.

“The Color of Grief is a grief support group that speaks to the pain of grief in the African American Community as well as people of color”.

Color of Grief socials:


Please see the Interview with Greg:

Please see when we were interivewed by Greg:

Interview with The Color of Grief: Who we are, Our journey, and how we got into the world of blogging- Tuesday 14th April


3. Pari Pascale Seiler: Intuity World

We became connected with Pari Pascale Seiler through our Facebook page. Pari introduced herself suggesting that we could work together in some way through the services that she offers.  We thought this was perfect and would be a great new aspect for the blog and our readers, and community. This was in June 2020, it was not until December 2020 that we were able to come together to plan what we could do.

We happily were able to conduct our first-ever interview, and put together a topic that we both were very pleased with for what it offered.

Please see more about Pari Pascale Seiler:

“Pascale is the founder and director of Intuity World, Asia’s 1st Business that is committed to bringing inner wisdom and awakening change for real-world success and real-world solutions. Pascale is also an Awakening and Transformational Luminary here to be of service with grief and probate.

Pascale offers a very transformational, freeing and enlightening service and process people go through to release the familial entanglements they are in and the karmic ties that led to freedom, process being shortened and peace of mind for individuals”.

insert intuity world logo here

Book details:

Book Interview recording from the My Voices Collective Memoire of 23 Women of Substance Recorded interview of the book launch.

This is where I share my chapter and story titled Become your own Heroine that was the journey of going from survivor to winner and from the woman who learnt to be an unshakeable diamond emerging from the ashes from the loss and wreckage of my former life with my husband passing.  

Book Launch Recording on YouTube 

This is the Amazon link to where people can purchase a copy of the Amazon best selling book  

For UK

And here is the link to my Website where you can check out more about me my services and what I offer.  I will be changing and updating this this is the current link to use it’s all in forward evolutionary movement.





Please see the interview we did with Pascale:


4. Amber Jeffery: The Grief Gang Podcast

We were recommended to contact Amber through Greg from the Color of Grief. Greg told us how lovely Amber is, and the work that she does in the grief community. Greg felt that as we are both based in the UK it would be good for us to connect with each other. We were very grateful for the recommendation, and we did not hesitate to contact Amber. We are very pleased that we did this.

Amber has achieved so much in the short time that she started her podcast, this is why we are grateful to she was able to be part of this topic.

Please see an upcoming project that Amber is involved in:

Am I grieving Right

Date: Sat Oct 30th

Time: 9:00 am

Duration: 45 mins

Please see more about Amber:

Host of the Grief Gang podcast, Amber Jeffrey, speaks with Julia Samuel MBE about all things grief! As an intensely individual experience no two people will ever grieve in the same way”.

Amber Jeffrey The Good Grief Festival

Amber Jeffrey created The Grief Gang Instagram page and podcast three years after her mum’s untimely death from a heart attack in 2016, when Amber was just 19.

She went in search of a place, a voice that resonated with how she felt and in which she could be seen in her grief, but didn’t have any luck in her quest. Amber decided that if she couldn’t find that voice, she would become that voice.

The strapline of Amber’s podcast is, ‘Welcome to the gang…the one you never asked to be a part of”.’





5. Me, Mel @melly_20_

We becacme interactive with Mel when she had commented on our video for the topic: Dying Matters Awareness Week. when we read what she wrote we really appreicted the comment, and from that time is why we knew we would would reach out to Mel in the hope she could be involved.

Me, Mel – IG @mellyy_20_

“Hey, I’m Mel- I created my IG account during the lockdown at the end of 2020, this was after I started sharing my life story and experiences on my YouTube channel, my wonderful parents died when I was 4 & 10 years old, I experienced a difficult childhood and unfortunately experienced the death of my amazing foster mum, her mum and my half brother at the age of 20. I share my memories, pictures of my loved ones, resources, quotes etc, it’s helped me massively and I hope it will help others too! ~ You’re not alone”


YouTube Channel:




6. Randi Pearlman Wolfson: Grief and Grits

We were fortunate to tune into one of Gregs Live Instagram interviews that took place on Tuesdays.

When we tuned into this interview we felt a connection with Randi, the way she spoke about her loss, and also when she spoke about her Father, we related so much to what she was saying.

After the interview we felt inspired and uplifted, because of this we reached out to Randi, and thankfully we have been connected ever since.

Please see more about Randi:

Randi Pearlman Wolfson

“My name is Randi Pearlman Wolfson and I’m a Los Angeles based grief educator and author.

After experiencing the death of my dad when I was 10 years old, it became my life-long dream to provide hope and healing to grieving children and adults. For nearly 20 years, I have educated the community, including mental health professionals, clergy, students, teachers, and various other professionals, on the topic of grief.

As founder/writer at Grief & GRITS on Facebook and Instagram, it is my hope to provide a caring heart and voice for grievers.

At the age of 10, I had to learn the hardest lesson of all: people you love, die.

When my dad died, my heart was broken into two pieces. In between those two pieces, grew bravery and compassion. I learned that while life can crumble, it is the “crumble” that just might become your greatest strength.

I have brought that little 10-year-old heart along with me, into every part of my life. I have learned that grief does not leave your body. It does not leave your heart. It does not leave your mind.

When a child experiences the death of someone close, it can be sad, confusing, and scary.

To help ease the way, I have written a children’s grief book called “Eddie’s Brave Journey: How one little elephant learned all about grief”.

You can learn more about “Eddie” here:

It is my honor each and every day to provide a safe place to talk, learn, and share about grief”.

  • Community
  • Grief educator/author
  • Please share the teardrop in your heart and I will hold your heart, in mine.

Randi’s Fathers Day Project June 2020:

We were honoured and privileged to be asked to participate in Randis Fathers day project the purpose of this was to show and share support for all those that have lost their Dad.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20200701_131031.jpg






7. Jermaine: Thinking Out Loud Pod

We were referred to the Thinking Out Loud Podcast by Amber. Amber suggested we contact them to see if they would like to be part of the topic. We were again very pleased when they agreed.

Grief is such an individual experience, but at the same time men and grief are also unique within themselves, this is another reason why we are so pleased they are part of this.

Can you tell us about the work you do around grief?

The work I do around grief is mainly through my podcast, Thinking Out Loud, myself and my co-host Ben wanted to create a space where we can voice our grief and give others the opportunity to share their own experience with grief. This is important to us because grief is often a taboo subject and we want to have a safe space where people feel more comfortable about talking and more open to sharing their experiences and shedding the emotions that come with loss.

What led you to this journey?

What led me to this journey was the loss of my parents. My dad died in 2014 and my mum passed away in 2015. I knew I was going through something but didn’t understand that it was grief. During my journey with what I later discovered was grief I felt that I wanted to share my grief and I felt that a podcast would be a good way to do this.

Why do you think it is important to get talking about loss and grief?

I think it is important to get talking about loss and grief because it helps others and can provide encouragement to those who may be struggling to deal with their loss. Grief is a difficult journey and whilst we may not understand what people dealing with loss are going through, it’s important that we change the narrative.

Why do you think some people find this difficult?

I think some people may find it difficult because they may not have a safe space or someone to confide in about their feelings. That is why I feel it is important to create safe spaces and environments where people can feel at ease whether they want to talk about grief or they simply want to hear other people’s stories for encouragement.

What advice can you give to those who are in grief, to help with everything they are experiencing and feeling?

I do believe there are so many things that we can tell grievers and there isn’t a right or wrong answer because our journeys are different and unique but I would say the best thing for those who are grieving is not to attach their healing with a fixed time and that we can be happy and still be grieving. Grief doesn’t necessarily go away; we just learn to move with it.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I hope this helps others.

Kind regards,






8. Our Final Thoughts/YouTube Video

We would like to say a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to this topic, we truly appeicate you taking the time to do this. We are truly grateful.

Grief is an individual journey, it is a unique experience, so unique as a fingerprint. However, one thing my sister and I have come to realise is although a grief club is not a club you would want to be in, within that club we all have a mutual understanding, and this is why today we are sharing this with you. The individual ways in which people are offering support through the loss of their loved ones.

We hope this will be of help to those that read it.

Love and Blessings, Grief Proabate Journey.

Our YouTube Video:

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