Grief Probate Journey is 33 Months Old

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March 2022

WOW, we are TWO YEARS AND NINE MONTHS OLD!!! To think and realise we are approaching our third year is so surreal. It doesn’t seem as though we have been going for this many years. It is truly an honour and a blessing for us.

We are FOREVER THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED to have amazing family friends, supporters, followers of our blog and our journey. To the grief community, we have become part of and grow and learn with one another, to those who we now consider friends and support each other through our individual journey. This is what has helped us and enabled us to keep going.

It has been a whirlwind of an experience doing this. These quarterly updates were not planned, once started it wasn’t something that was supposed to be continued, BUT we are glad we have this as it helps us to see how much we have progressed and how things are changing over time.

What is even more surreal is how many years have gone by since our Dad sadly passed away. It is now five years. That is absolutely mind-blowing.

We still are in so much shock, sadness, disbelief.

We are entering this third year of sharing our story with the feeling of hope, peace, continued growth on our journey.

Since publishing Grief Probate Journey is 30 Months old we have:

  • Published our first blog topic with my eldest nephew (and last topic for 2021)
  • Featured on a Christmas podcast episode (The Grief Gang podcast)
  • Published our first blog topic with my youngest nephew (and first topic for 2022)
  • Published our first topic with my sister and nephews
  • We reached 1,000 followers on Instagram (we see this as a great and humbling achievement)
  • The blog topics are being recognised and viewed more on the host side (WordPress) which makes us very happy
  • We are going to be part of a 72 hour Global Grief Conference which we are honoured to have been asked to do
  • We are working on a new and exciting project

The past three months has also seen a change for the blog and viewings. We noticed that they started declining, we were promoting and boosting our topics on our media channels to try and reach wider audiences. When we noticed the decline in views, we decided we will no longer boost our posts. We also came to this decision because we started getting alot of negative comments from pages were our posts were promoted.

Since making this decision and through one of the helpful WordPress tutorials we have recently discovered, we made some changes to our blog page and happily although not as high as before, views have started to increase. This makes us happy. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of us doing this is sharing to help others. If what we are sharing isn’t getting out there it would feel to us like what is the point. There is a saying that you cannot do the same things and expect different results.The following quotes rang true to our new path on the blog journey:

We are happy to have discovered these tutorials and will work on continuing to improve what we produce. The dip in views has pushed us to seek other ways to get ourselves and our story out there, it has been a learning experience and we are working our way through it.

We do not take anything for granted, the fact that we still have a presence almost three years later is something we are so grateful for, it’s a blessing for us.

We hope to continue growing from strength to strength, building relationships, and contributing to making changes in the conversations around grief, mental health, health and wellbeing and medical conditions.

Thank you to all who continue to stand by us. You are priceless to us and mean so much.

Love and blessings,

Grief Probate Journey


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