Anxiety and Grief

Preview to topic: Throughout our journey, we have experienced many different thing’s. Each new thing we face and go through brings on its own set of: Challenges, Worries, Excitement, Fear. In the moment of experiencing a certain emotion, it can feel quite intense…. Please see: Anxiety and Grief which covers: Introduction Anxiety and Grief quotes […]

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Vulnerable and Grief

Preview to topic: Feeling extremely: Vulnerable, Low, Unsettled and uncertain. The list of these feelings and emotions seems endless. Feeling almost hopeless with there not being an end in sight.It feels like a never-ending journey with recurring feelings of extreme highs and lows…. Please see: Vulnerable and Grief which covers: Introduction Quotes: Vulnerable and Grief […]

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We Miss Our Dad: Parent Loss And Grief

Preview to topic: Missing thing’s. Missing hearing people say: Mr Greene, Arnie, Sir. Missing our Dad’s accent/Twang. Although our Dad came to England as a teenager, he had not lost his Bajan twang. Missing: Our Dad’s presence, His influence, His advice, His creativity (fixing things). Just missing every single thing….. Please see: We miss our […]

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Denial and Grief

Preview of topic: Denial came to mind when realising the stage my sister and I are currently at. In honesty, I think this has always been existent in our journey. Our Dad sadly passed away in 2017, yet in 2020 we are still struggling to: Come to terms with it,Accept it, Acknowledge this is really […]

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Loss of control and grief

Preview to topic: This might seem like a repeated broken record. But literally since the day, our Dad was hospitalised on the 5th September 2016, up until this very date. Life and its meaning have been questionable. It literally feels as though we have not had control of our life ever since. We are somehow […]

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Loss of a Family Friend

Preview to topic: We got some really sad and shocking news today (Friday 17th July 2020). A very good friend of our Dad’s who was practically family to us has passed away. Shocked, Disbelief, Sad, Lost. Are just some of the way we were feeling. It makes you realise even more how much:We should not […]

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Fear of the unknown (Anxiety, Uncertainty, Grief): Finding a way through

Preview to topic: This topic was not planned, but as with most our topics, they are sometimes influenced by things going on around us. At this moment in time what is dominating our lives worldwide is the Coronavirus pandemic…… Everything has changed, first and foremost our “freedom” “social interaction” “social gatherings”… Please see Fear of […]

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