Five years of grief

This topic came about purely by chance. I was searching for something to post for the anniversary of our Dad’s burial. Like most topics like this that find us, we feel it happens for a reason, it is needed to be shared, and so this is what we have done….. Please see Five years of […]

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Music and Grief

Music, it can be soothing to the soul. Send you on a path down memory lane, or reminisce about good times. It can quite often transport you to the moments when the song was a big part of your life…. Please see Music and Grief which covers: Introduction Quotes/Illustrative examples: Music and Grief Music and […]

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Solitude and Grief

Trying to be focused on the game on my phone. Out of nowhere, the thought of solitude came to mind. The reason being, assessing how life has for the last 5 years. Wow. Six years since our Dad was hospitalised.. Please see Solitude and Grief which covers: Introduction Illustrative examples: Quotes Solitude and Grief Solitude […]

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Masked Grief

From time to time, we write a draft topic as it comes to mind, but it isn’t always the right time to publish it when it has come to mind. This topic is one of those, we wrote a draft with no title, and the topic remained that way until now. We came across a […]

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Magic Wand and Grief

This topic came about through thoughts and feelings surrounding the nature of our grief and loss. For my sister and I, often we have felt like we wish we could bury our head in the sand until things resolve themselves, we also sometimes wish or feel like there was someone who could reassure us that […]

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