Black History Month 2021

We have never featured this as an individual topic before. But as we are evolving along our Grief journey, so too is our blog and the topics that we publish……..

Please see Black History Month 2021 which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Quotes/Illustrations Black History Month 2021
  3. Black History Month 2021
  4. Black History Month Events 2021
  5. Links on Black Owned Businesses/Resources
  6. Our final thoughts/YouTube Video

© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* It is also based on our own experience. *We are not experts in this field, we are speaking purely on our own experience with information sought from the internet to give further examples. *

1. Introduction

We have never featured this as an individual topic before. But as we are evolving along our Grief journey, so too is our blog and the topics that we publish.

There is relevance in this being part of our journey, over time as a community we suffer collective grief over lives of those lost innocently by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, not fitting into the “norm” of society and for many other unfortunate reasons.

We are about uplifting and supporting people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We also feel, that like Grief, Black History, Racism, and matters of this kind can be deemed as taboo subjects. We are all about trying to help to break down taboos and spread awareness, this is why this being a topic is important to us.

We also have topics on:

We are two sisters on a journey of life and grief, sharing our story as we go along. This is not something that should only be recognised within one month of the year, however we will do our best to try and help spread awareness, and this is why we have decided to do this as a topic.

Please see Black History Month 2021:


2. Illustrations Black History Month 2021

2.1 Quotes: Black History Month 2021


3. Black History Month 2021

3.1 Black History Month 2021 – Proud To BE

“Black History Month UK magazine is launching a new campaign to mark Black History Month 2021 in October. Inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events”, …

3.2 Why is October Black History Month in the UK?

“In the United Kingdom, Black History Month was first celebrated in October 1987 (which year was also coincidentally the 150th anniversary of Caribbean emancipation, the centenary of the birth of Marcus Garvey and the 25th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity, an institution dedicated to advancing the”…

3.2 Black History Month: What is it and why does it matter?

“(21 Oct 2020) — The event was expanded in 1970, and since 1976 every US president has officially designated February as Black History Month in the US. February”…

3.3 What can we for Black History Month?

8 Ways to Honor Black History Month

  • “Support Black-Owned Businesses”:
  • “Learn About Noteworthy Black Figures and Their Contributions”:
  • “Donate to Charities That Support Anti-Racism Equity and Equality”:
  • “Purchase, Read, and Share Books by Black Authors”:
  • “Support and Learn About Black Women”:

3.4 Black History Month 2021 on Twitter

“Black History Month 2021 Celebrating #Black #History #Arts and #Culture throughout the UK #blackhistory #BlackHistoryMonth”

3.5  Black History Month 2021: Black Women in Public Life – Civil

“Join us online on 7 October 2021, as we acknowledge the hard work, sacrifices and the amazing and inspiring contribution of dedicated pioneers”…

3.6 Black History Month 2021 – Teacher Resources – BBC Tech

“A collection of teaching resources to explore black history, heritage, culture and achievements with your class. Here you’ll find content suitable for use”…

3.7 Black History Month – Global Dimension

“» TrueTube has secondary resources (ages 11-16) including an assembly script, lesson plan and lots”…

3.8 Black History Month Resource Guide for Education and Families

Black History Month Resource Guide for Educators and Families · 50 Resources for Black History Month – KQED Education · Black History Month resources for teachers”…

3.9 Let’s Celebrate Black History Month – EDGE of Ember

“In celebration of Black History Month we’re sharing our 5 most inspirational women for 2021. From female activists, to authors and game-changers we’re embracing the fierce women who continue to make a positive impact in our world”.


4. Black History Month Events 2021

4.1 Black History Month Events To Mark In Your Diary – Elle

‘We wanted the theme of Black History Month 2021 to focus on celebrating being black or brown, and to inspire and share the pride people have in”…

4.2 The Body Remembers: A powerful performance from visual artist Heather Agyepong 

(7th, 8th, 9th October 2021)

“Heather Agyepong‘s powerful new solo performance The Body Remembers explores how trauma lives in the body, particularly for Black British women across different generations. Through a unique and compelling relationship between the audience and artist, it creates a collective cathartic experience”.

4.3 Black History Month 2021 at HOME

“Celebrating Black artistic brilliance and talent across film, theatre, art, music and comedy, this new and exciting season will bring people together to uplift”, …

4.4 Black History Month 2021 – Event Info and Resources – Twinkl

“Black History Month is observed every October in Britain. It is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding contributions that Black people have made to”…

4.5 Black History Month 2021 – In London – Special Event

“From 01 October 2021 to 31 October 2021 … Discover the stories and art of Black artists at exhibitions hosted during Black History Month across London. Credits”: …

4.6 London’s Black History – Museum of London

“Culture Mile Learning has produced a programme of activity and digital content, to support secondary school teachers to incorporate Black British history, arts”, …

4.7 Elimhouse Community Association Southwark

ELIM HOUSE coming up #BlackHistoryMonth celebration
A full day of activities with the elders of our community.
Saturday 16th October 2021
Location: Elim House 86-89 Bellenden Road.
History Fact: ElimHouse was founded by Pamela Smith 🇯🇲#elders #community #BHM #History

4.8 Black Cultural Archives

“Currently, in our main gallery space until 30th October 2021, the focus is on the mental health of Black men. Visit the installation on Thursday’s – Saturday’s from 11:30am – 5:00pm#BlackMensMinds

4.9 african.chica

To celebrate Black History Month @inspired__by__africa brings a great night of entertainment. With a fashion show, live performances, music & comedy, all in aid of supporting the Charitable Trust

Performances on the night by

MC for the night


Make sure you come down and celebrate

4.10 Attend the 2021 Edition of – UK Black Business Week

“Unifying Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs To Create Space, Share Insights, Develop. Skills & Nurture Black Talent. Join Us 25-30 Oct 2021, at Qeii Centre, London – Book Now”!


5. Links on Black Owned Businesses/Resources

  • Black Pound Day UK: HOME: “Black Pound Day is a way of constructively supporting Nottingham’s Black owned businesses and our local economy…By showcasing our local “…
  • Blackartistry (Instagram) “Community based in Montreal ,CA, Inspiring women & men of color from all around the world to love themselves through Art”.

Here is a list of African (black) owned establishments:

Chef Dom Taylor Kitchen
Fourteen87 Restaurant
7 Catford Broadway
IG @chefdomtaylor
FB Chef Dom Taylor
(Caribbean cuisine with a twist)

Ochi Caribbean Restaurant
226 Uxbridge Rd
Shepherds Bush
W12 7JD
020 8742 9620

Trapstar Clothing Store
21 Portobello Green Arcade
281 Portobello Road
W10 5TZ
020 3538 9198

Chicken Kitchen Restaurant
120 Goldhawk Rd
Shepherds Bush
W12 8HD
020 8735 0572

Two Three Active
Fitness Wear for women

Larry A
Pro-Watch Security LTD

Black History All Year Round
Black tours around London
http://www.blackhistoryallyearround.wix and FB
For info contact Avril Nanton on
Tel: 07984759506

Dennis Butchers
135 Peckham High Road
SE15 5SL
0207 6357020

Holistic Therapist
452 Church Lane
07710 475713
Massage and Wellbeing

BFS Interiors
Furniture Retail
28 High Street
0208 8630758

Jam Down Bakery
Bread and Takeaway Food
104 High Street
NW10 4SL
0208 8381522
Check them on Instagram
Chocolate Covered Fruit Company.

Mens Tailored Clothing
29 Craven Park Road
NW10 8QE

Brixton Cake Shop
332 Coldharbour Lane
SW19 8QH

Mixed Blessings Bakery
12 Camberwell Road
0207 7039433

Mark Saville Tailors
Bespoke Mens Tailoring
103 Loampit Vale
SE13 7T6
0208 6915061

Sunrise Bakery
Woodlands Street
West Midlands
B66 3TF

London Family Butchers
429 Bromley Road
0208 4612971

Caribbean Delight Supermarket
Everything you need
102 High Street
0208 8634649
Bedding And Clothing Company

Naksero Mini Market
Ugandan Produce
Afro Caribbean Foods
Matooke Green Bananas
J L Millet and Maize Flour
154 Manor Park Road
NW10 4JR
0203 3021730

Mini Market
Kilburn Square
Kilburn High Road
London NW6 6JH

Frozen Fishmongers
Lassals Afro Caribbean Grocery Store.

Blooming Scents Wellbeing
Spiritual Gift Shop.

BIS Publications
Africentric Children’s & Adult Books.
Tel: 07903791469

Ankh Wellbeing Centre
Health Food Retailers
Holistic Natural Products
Willesden London

Nefertem Garments Afrikan Fabrics, Ready Made Garments, Cultural Jewellery & more. Currently exhibiting on Facebook only. Location Bristol. 07884158237

Michelle Fanus
Dynamyk Events
Corporate Events & Hospitality

Dennis Busulwa
The Gym Guy
Personal Trainer

Jude Richards
Plush Temples

Maryse Ajayi
Clean & Glow
Cleaning Company

Mark Miller
Touch of Class
Car Valet

Shalomi Gutherie
Shalomi Cakes

Mark Baiden
One Stop Cloud
IT Support

Black Scientists and Inventors
Books, learning Resources and events on Black Scientists and Inventors.

Asari St-Hill
Action COACH
Business Coach & Trainer
07852 937981

Glass Cutting, Window Repair, Hardware.
730 Seven Sisters Rd.
London N15 5NH.
020 8800 6663

Auntie Jean’s Afrikan Culture Market.
3rd Sunday of the month.
48 Mortlock Close,
Peckham, SE15 2QE
Information & Stall availability call:
07961 886 032

Marnie Lux Jewellery

Tracks and Records
94 Middlesex St
London E1 7EZ

Jamaica Patty Co
26 New Row,
Covent Garden,
London WC2N 4LA

Cornfield Bakery
51 High St
Thornton Heath

Shops’ Noir

Empower You

Relationship and Life Coaching, Anger, Anxiety and Depression Management
Reiki Healing
07957 289555

Dasilva Solicitors
Crime Specialist Solicitors
London E15
0203 620 8877

Nzingha Jewellery
Pitch 22 Electric Avenue . Brixton . London .
We will be back trading in Brixton the first week of July , until then please click the link below for online purchases .

All Nations Grocery Store
Portnall Road W9
020 8969 9123

Oxhey African Hair Products
371 Harrow Road
London W9 3NA

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant
171A Ladbroke Grove
London W10 6HJ

Daps: Art is Meditation
Graphic Design. Print. Photos & Videos
All Socials: @dapsgdp
Photography only: @dapsphotograpgic

Tropics Cocktails
Queen of Rumtails
Creator of smooth rum cocktails
“Caribbean spirit in a bottle”
UK based

W.E.L.L is an acronym for Wholistically Enriching Local Lives and we want to encourage proactive health and wellbeing.

Confidence Coaching by Lydia
Personal Coach

Justlikekikihealth Entrepreneur

🧘🏿‍♀️Wellness mentor
🥦health Supplements
🍓Smoothies / Shakes
🧘🏿‍♀️For weight loss / Weight gain
📡DM or check link in bio to order

Venus Island
Creations by Vanessa
Designed, laser, cut and hand painted Creations made by a black owned business. Domestic and International Shipping.

Pin Kushion
Emerging crafter wanting to make a change in the world by empowering women through African inspired crafts. #pinkushionuk @pinkushionclothing. Linktree:

Shane Campbell
Check out our website

Ras Punzel
A breathtakingly original twist on a classic tale. Rich and soulful. Ras Punzel captivates from the very beginning.

Pempassie Mitcham
Alternative and Holistic Health Service
Open Mon-Sat 09:30 – 6:00
219 London Road, United Kingdom, CR4 2JD

Black Wallet
Discover, Support & Shop from Excellent Black Owned Businesses in One App! | Owner @jastiara


6. Our final thoughts/YouTube Video

We hope this topic might be of use to those who read it. We also hope that you might be able to attend some of the amazing events that are happening throughout the month.

Our YouTube Video:

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