Time: Angel Numbers: Number 7: Biblical Meaning Number 7

A few things this process has reinforced for us is that: Time waits for no one, Time stops for no one, We should never take any moment for granted, Things can change in a split second. We should try to appreciate life as much as we can. We are constantly busy and, on the move, that time seems to be zooming on by and we are somehow gliding alongside things in our own world…..

Please see Time: Angel Numbers: Angel Number 7 which covers:

  1. Time: Introduction (Our Story)
  2. Number 7 and Angel Number 7
  3. Examples of Angel Numbers and Angel Number 7
  4. YouTube Video: Biblical Meaning Number 7 and Angel Number 7
  5. Reflection: Our reflection of time
  6. Links on Angel Numbers, Number 7 & Biblical Meaning Number 7
  7. Our Final Thoughts

© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SOURCED through UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* It is also based on our own experience. “We are not experts in this field, we are speaking purely on our own experience with information sought from the internet to give further examples.

1. Time: Introduction (Our Story)

A few things this process has reinforced for us is that

  • Time waits for no one
  • Time stops for no one
  • We should never take any moment for granted
  • Things can change in a split second
  • We should try to appreciate life as much as we can

We are constantly busy and on the move, that time seems to be zooming on by and we are somehow gliding alongside things in our own world.

An example of this, I was looking at a piece of paper that had my age on it. At that time I was looking at it, a year had gone by and I was another year older. This came as a complete shock to me as I couldn’t believe the year had gone by so quickly. It then had me questioning what we have been doing in this past year that I didn’t even realise it had gone by.

BUT the answer lays within everything that we are doing in the probate process. For example:

  • Completing the complaint letter took 7 months
  • Organising a headstone. For some reason, this process took 7 months (with everything else we were doing on top of this, we wouldn’t have the time to notice)
  • Receiving the grant of probate: this took 7 months (with all the other processes we had to go through in order to obtain this, we wouldn’t have realised this much time had passed).

One day when talking to a friend about how long we feel things are taking, I took the time to work out how long things are actually taking. This is when the realisation of seven-month periods happened. Through this conversation, my friend sent me something with the meaning of the number 7. I was truly amazed. I shared it with my family we could not believe how much relevance the meaning had to everything we have been doing and how we feel about the whole process. It really opened up our eyes, made us see things in a different light, and also gave us confidence that we were going along the right track, despite how low we could feel at times and the doubt we have about the decisions we make.

It is only upon reflection, we have the time to step back and realise, the reason why time goes by so fast for us, we are caught up in the constant flow of probate. And this is where we get to see where our time is going and what it has been spent on.

Since talking to my friend, I’ve wondered if we would be too aware of the number seven and focus on it too much. This hasn’t happened as we have been so busy continuing to complete the tasks required of us. During the time since that conversation, the following things have also taken 7 months:

  • Completion of the sale of our Dad’s house
  • From starting the planning of this blog to publishing
  • A refund owed to us through the Council that our Dad had bought his house from

There probably are more things that have taken this amount of time that we might have forgotten about. This is because once we have completed something, we have already moved onto the next thing, That is if we are not doing things simultaneously. But it really truly is amazing that this sequence of time and 7-month periods reoccurs.

At the time we spoke, my friend sent me some information on number 7. Since this time as we are now aware and became so intrigued. We believe in signs and as this process is one of the biggest things we’ve ever done in our life, signs like this mean a lot, and we acknowledge them and try to take in the message. This is why we wanted it to be a topic in our blog. We believe this something too significant to not be shared.

I have since done further research on Angel Numbers and Angel number 7. Please see item number two on the menu for what we found:


2. Number 7 and Angel Number 7

2.1 What does the number 7 symbolize?

“The Meaning of Angel Number 7″

“The number 7 is a highly spiritual number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom, and a deep inward knowing. Encountering angel number 7 over and over again means that positive things are flowing freely toward you at this time. (23 Mar 2019)”.

2.2 Why do I keep seeing the number 7?

The angel number 7 is a wonderful and important message to receive because it means support and encouragement. If you start receiving this angel number, be excited because divine support is on the way. It’s an assurance that whatever you’re planning to do, or thinking of deciding on, will be the best thing for you. (29 Mar 2019″).

2.3 What does the number 7 signify in numerology?

“When you are born with 7 as your life path or soul urge number, it may give you a driving desire for spiritual wisdom and knowledge. The 7 vibration is the first of what is known as the high vibrational numbers. It is no longer earth bound and has a life that is not always limited to material concerns. (14 May 2018)”.

2.4 What is the secret of number 7?

“The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital “T”). The 7 doesn’t take anything at face value — it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions. (15 Nov 2017)”.

2.5 Why is number 7 so important?

“Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things. The number 7 is also important in Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. (13 Aug 2015)”.

2.6 The Power of Angel Number 7 – Spiritual Vectors

“Angel number 7 is a spiritual prime, which makes it a constituent building block. But it is also an “insulator” because it cannot be divided with, or by, negative influences. For this reason, the power of this number can be used to build strong, positive, spiritual vectors in your life. (31 Aug 2018)”.

2.7 Is 7 the number of completion?

The number seven is one of the most significant in the Bible. Scholars say it denotes completeness or perfection. After creating the world God rested on the seventh day and the seven-day week has been adopted by all human civilisations. (10 Apr 2014)”.


3. Examples of Angel Numbers and Angel Number 7


4. YouTube Videos Angel Number 7 and Bibilical Meaning of Number 7

4.1 Angel Number 7

4.2 Biblicial Meaning of Number 7


5. Reflection: Our reflection of time

Another way we can see where our time is going is through my daily notes. By chance, before our Dad was first admitted into the hospital, I had started doing a timeline of events that led up to the day he was admitted. Then upon his admission, by default I continued writing notes, I still write notes to this very day. We are so grateful for these notes, as we know our brain wouldn’t have the capacity to remember half of what we have done. At times, I can forget something I did only a moment before, so trying to remember something from longer than that can be a real challenge.

When we are extremely busy with not a chance to even come up for air to breathe, the day before can feel like it was months ago, but then on another occasion, something that happened a year before could feel like it happened only a week before.

We do not have any real concept of time which is such a strange feeling. When living moment to moment everything is going so fast, and you don’t have the time to stop and take in what is happening around you.

Months, days and years feel as though they all mould into one, it is hard to define what day of the week it is or even what month or year it is. An example of this is, it is September 2019. We are already 9 months into the year. We probably felt like time went by quickly last year (2018) however, this year, it feels like everything is happening really fast, almost as though there is no build-up to anything, everything is happening at the same fast pace. It feels like the year is going by in one big blur. It is not a nice feeling, we do not know why it feels like this, but it does seem like the fastest year in our three year journey.

We have also learnt how much you can forget what it feels like to be able to do things in your own time and have some time to yourself. Moments like that feel very strange.

An example when our Dad was in the hospital, our lives revolved around his daily care, and our daily presence at the hospital. This became our life and routine; it just became part of what we do. When our Dad passed away, suddenly, I had time to do things, simple things like having enough time to make myself breakfast, having time to sit down for more than five minutes and watch tv or something like that. But as quickly as I started to appreciate having that time, it was snatched away, and a whole new world began.

Another example would be, as this probate process would often take up our time daily, seven days a week, there would be no shut-off or shut down. Even if we wanted to take things slowly, we would get:

  • A phone call from our Probate Solicitor
  • An email from the Council
  • An email from the coroner/Pathologist

All would be urgent requiring response almost right away. We would have to prioritise on the spot quite often.

Another thing we have learnt, or from our own experience through this process is there is no such thing as a plan, depending on the matter you are dealing with. In such a situation you need to be prepared too:

  • Readjust
  • Try to remain calm
  • Refocus
  • Accommodate
  • Adapt

In order that you can achieve what is needed to be done as best as possible within the time constraints, you might be facing.

For us to be organised we write to-do lists. We start our day with a clear plan of what we have to do and how we would do it, then an unexpected phone call or email would pop up and change it all in an instant.

This process has me checking my phone for emails way too often. I feel at times it’s almost as though I’m checking my phone every second. But this is because it would be in anticipation of:

  • Have there been any new emails
  • Have there been any replies to emails sent
  • Will we understand the content of emails sent
  • Should we be replying to someone
  • Should we be chasing someone up

It’s a very tiring and draining process as your brain just doesn’t really get the chance to switch off. For me at times, the moment my eyes would open, right away I’m thinking about:

  • The things we need to do
  • The things we didn’t get to finish off the day before
  • How we should structure our day ahead
  • I start making plans for the day in my mind, and then that’s it, no more resting, as I then get up and start the day

We are so used to being busy, that it feels strange if we come to an abrupt stop. An example, whenever there is a bank holiday, by default we must stop as the organisations we deal with are not there. In these moments, we get to take a step back and realise just how much we are constantly on the go, it is quite a shocking realisation.

Other times we are forced to stop is if we become unwell. There is no choice in the matter during those times, as our body almost shuts down from the exhaustion, so we have no other choice but to rest until we can get ourselves back to enough strength to start all over again.

It can also be quite hard to be living in the present moment with this process. The reason being we are so caught up in ticking all the boxes and completing all things required of us to the point that we are in our own little bubble.

  • When our Dad was first admitted into the hospital we went into a bubble (without realising it)
  • When he was discharged to home we went into a bubble
  • When he was readmitted to the hospital we went into a bubble
  • When he passed away and the coroner process started we went into a bubble
  • When Probate started and to this day we are in a Probate bubble.

It feels quite literally as one bubble bursts we automatically end up in a new one, there hasn’t been a let-up in the pressure that we face on a daily basis. Despite this, we try our very best to put a line under the day before and start each new day with a positive outlook rather than a defeatist approach.


6. Links on Angel Numbers & Number 7:

6.1 Angel Numbers:

6.2 Angel Number 7:

6.3 Biblical Meaning of Number 7 (newly added)

I added 6.3 Biblical meaning of the Number Seven 7 (7)? after having a conversation with my Cousin. As I was adding these new links, a light on the keyboard on my laptop started catching my eye it was like it was shining to get my attention. I looked down to see what it was, and the number 7 was the only number highlighted on the keyboard. I couldn’t actually believe what my eyes were seeing. This stopped me in my tracks for a good little while. I kept looking away and looking back to make sure I was seeing right. I’ve never noticed this happening before. We will take this as a sign that our Dad is happy this additional information had beed added to the blog.


7. Our Final Thoughts

We all experience many different scenarios in life, for us in our situation we have been fortunate to receive positive signs such as the number 7.

Thinking about it, our Dad was a very religious man who believed in God, this could be why our messages are being relayed through the number 7. That is truly special. It’s also bitter sweet

These are significant signs that we can:

  • Take comfort in
  • They help to raise us up
  • Help to uplift us
  • Help to reassure us in our decision making
  • Feel at ease that our Dad is at peace with how we are handling matters

I believe we are all sent signs through various mediums for various reasons, and we might not notice them. We became aware of the number 7 by talking to my friend. They say it’s good to talk, this is one example of why I believe in this saying as you:

  • Get a perspective from someone who is on the outside looking in.
  • They could notice things you might not have.
  • They could open up your eyes to things you might not have thought about.
  • They could brighten your mood when you need it the most

Our examples here could potentially trigger someone to realise signs that:

  • Might not have been getting recognised
  • May even have thought the incidents were coincidental

This is why we are sharing our story.

  • It’s good to talk
  • It’s good to share.
  • It’s also nice to try to uplift and inspire people.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is key.



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    1. Thank you for your comment. We are happy you came across the topic and are able to relate to it. For my sister and I once we came to the realisation of the significance of the number 7 in our daily life, it felt only natural to do a topic and share it. Comments like this make us pleased and happy that we went ahead and were able to make it a topic.

      Wishing you a blessed remainder of the week.


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