Visitation Dreams and Signs – Guest Feature: Tree Carr – Lucid Dream Tree

Preview to topic: We have decided to do this topic as we have noticed that a previous topic: Time: Angel Numbers: Number 7: Biblical Meaning Number 7, is viewed fairly frequently. That topic came about because of signs we were receiving through the angel number 7. We are also fortunate to have another guest Feature: Tree Carr: Author, Dreaming Guide and Death Doula (Item Number 6)…..

Please see Visitation Dreams and Signs which includes:

  1. Introduction/Our Story
  2. Visitation Dreams from our Dad
  3. Visitation Dreams from Friends
  4. Signs: New Growth of our Dad’s Flowers in our Garden
  5. Quotes/Illustrative Examples: Visitation Dreams
  6. Guest Feature: Tree Carr: Author, Dreaming Guide and Death Doula
  7. Visitation Dreams
  8. Links on Visitation Dreams
  9. Our Final Thoughts and YouTube video

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1. Introduction/Our Story

We have decided to do this topic as we have noticed that a previous topic: Time: Angel Numbers: Number 7: Biblical Meaning Number 7, is viewed fairly frequently. That topic came about because of signs we were receiving through the angel number 7.

We are also fortunate to have another guest Feature: Tree Carr: Author, Dreaming Guide and Death Doula (Item Number 6). When doing research for this topic we came across a video That Tree Carr had made. We related to it in so many ways. Because of this we wanted to feature this video in our Blog. We took the chance and reached out to find out if it was okay, we are so glad we did this, and we are extremely pleased about this collabortion.

Tree Carr has also provided us an excerpt from her latest book, we have also left contact details for her in case you would like to find out more detailed information.


2. Visitation Dreams from our Dad

There has been a strong presence of our Dad since he sadly passed away in March 2017. He has been in our dreams many times (mine more frequently than my sister). For me, what I have noticed is this happens:

  • When times are really hard, or if:
  • We are extremely overwhelmed and at a very low place
  • We are feeling like we have nowhere to turn and have no clue how to fix what is happening.

In those moments our Dad would be in my dream. Not only is he in my dreams, but we believe each time messages are in these dreams. Whether it be he is:

  • Comforting us
  • Reassuring us
  • Trying to ease our worries

Other times it would be messages to make sure:

  • Our Mum is okay
  • We should look out for her,
  • Take care of her

The message we got from it is, although we are busy with his affairs, make sure that our Mum who is still here is okay. This is something that is always on our mind, and we feel we are probably a lot more protective of how we are with our Mum especially because of the circumstances of how our Dad passed away.

When a dream happens, once I wake up and realise, my reaction is something like wow, this is also whilst i’m trying to remember details of the dream. There has been one occasion when I was actually a bit scared and even said what are you doing here to him. But luckily all other times since then it hasn’t been like that.

It sometimes also leaves me feeling in a strange sort of way for the whole day after these dreams. The reason being:

  • I’m amazed I dreamt of our Dad
  • I’m amazed by the strong message
  • I’m amazed at the brilliant timing that our Dad was in my dream
  • Or we’re trying to work out what the message was, or if there even was a message

What has been refreshing in my dreams:

  • Our Dad is seeing and walking as we remembered him. He is the Dad that we knew before hospitalisation
  • He is nothing like how he was after being hospitalised and losing his sight and becoming immobile and bed bound.
  • He is not in distress or pain or discomfort like he was whilst in the hospital.
  • Our Dad is peaceful and calm and reassuring us.

We value and appreciate these dreams so much as they have always helped to make a difference in the moments they’ve happened. It’s something that we hope doesn’t ever end as this is a form of connection with our Dad.


3. Visitation Dreams from friends

This has made me remember another visitation dream I had. My good friend sadly passed away in 2008. I can’t quite remember how soon it was after he passed away, but he was in my dream. What was even more special about this is that two of my other friends dreampt of hiim on that exact same night. What happened in our dreams were individual experiences. What was similar is that we all saw his lovely bright smile, and the clothes he was wearing. He was wearing the same clothes in all of our dreams.

We took this to mean he was letting us know he was okay and at peace. We saw it as even more of a blessing as he chose to let us all know on the same night. He was an amazing person and an amazing friend. It was both an honour and a blessing to have him as a friend. His memory will be with us always.

Since writing this topic, a friend of mine who sadly passed away in 2018 appeared in my dream. I wasn’t sleeping particularly well on this night, so generally the events occuring in this dream were making me feel unsettled, uneasy, anxious, worried, all if this was going on inside, but I was trying calm myself down and apprear relaxed on the outside. At this moment, I looked up and saw my friend. My initial reaction was to get away. But he looked so calm and relaxed, so in my mind, I told myself to stay and see how he’s doing. So I did that. I asked him how he is, how he’s getting on. He was telling me he’s doing very well, the thing’s he’s been doing, plans he has for the future (he said he was going to be working on something in three months time. This was to make improvements as things have been messed up and what he would be working on was to rectify what has gone wrong. He told me exactly what he was going to be working on, but I forgot once I woke up what it was). It seemed like we were on a bus, and my stop was coming up so I hugged him goodbye, but then I missed my stop and was speaking to him about that. I then went down to the bus driver to see if I could be let off the bus early as the next stop was far away. In the end, I had to get off at that stop, and I think after that the dream changed.

After I had this dream, I realised this is the month he passed away (two years ago).

I do wonder what that was to mean, was there a reason or a sign somewhere in this dream?. I guess the sign I could take from this is my friend was letting me know he is okay. That is how I will take it to mean. I was also wondering was I being shown a sign of things to come because:

  1. The job he will be working on in three months time to make improvements.
  2. I was on a bus
  3. I hugged him to say goodbye

Due to the current social distancing laws, the above is not advised at this moment in time, and also with the things he will be working on, maybe this was a sign to also say things will get better and improve. Either way, I am happy to know my friend was looking well, and at peace. I am honoured that he let me know this.


4. Signs: New Growth of our Dad’s flowers in our Garden

We have had another amazingly cherished sign since writing this topic. We brought flowers from our Dad’s garden to my house as we wanted to have something of his memory with us for us to see. I had said to my Mum I want to bring them to our house, and I would love to see them grow here. At the time, we were taking the roots. The flowers were no longer budding so there was no guarantee we had taken the right soil/roots.

In honesty, since initially bringing them here and tending to them, although my Mum and I would check on the flowers to see how they are getting on and if they are growing, we havent had as much time as we should have to care for and nuture their growth. For this reason I always just remained positive that they could and would survive and we would see some growth.

This past week, just by chance I had to go out to get some essentials and I was greeted with the most beautiful sight, one of the flowers had a bud. This:

  • Touched my heart
  • Truly made my day
  • Gave me an overwhelming feeling

I was so excited that it was hard to contain myself. I took out my phone and took many pictures of it. but I did not stop there, after sending it on our family what’s app group (so that my sister could see it), I then decided to share it on my Facebook and Instagram page. I did this as I was filled with pride and wanted to share this moment.

We knew the roots of our Dad’s produce was strong from when in his garden, but to see it growing in our garden, it was the greatest thing. I said to my Mum and sister this is a sign, it is a positive sign. With this flower that was showing new growth, not only can you eat it in a salad, but it is extra special to us because of the meaning of it. It is called Nasturtium and the meaning behind it is:

Nasturtium represents victory in battle and conquest”.

With everything we have going on regarding dealing with our Dad’s affairs and the ongoing complaint we have with the hospital, this was a more than welcomed and much-needed sign from our Dad.

So after the joy of seeing this flower budding, the next day by chance I had to open the door (for a delivery of my Mum’s medication), as I opened the door my eyes were greeted by the most beautiful sight, the flower had blossomed. This took my feelings of the previous day to another level. It filled my heart with even more joy.

I went and got my phone, took pictures, shared it in our family whats app group for my sister to see. Then the next thing was, my mum, mixed up some plant food, I went outside gave the plant some fresh soil and watered it with the plant food. From now on we have to try our very best to nurture and nourish this plant so that we can cherish more precious and priceless moments like these. After I did that I once again shared the pictures on my Facebook and Instagram page. I could not resist sharing the joy and pride. The beauty of our Dad’s labour, what a blessing.

All the pictures used for the blog are pictures taken from our Dad’s garden since he passed away, however, these pictures have been included as although they are not in his garden, they are special because they have been uprooted from where they were standing and have regrown somewhere new. That is amazing and special. And what makes me happy beyond words is I got both my wishes, we brought the flowers here and I got to see them grow, a true blessing indeed.

The joy this new growth brings is almost unexplainable. Its the first thing I see as I open my front door, and before I go out of my gate to face this “new world” we are currently living in. It gives me a boost, some confidence and positivity to prepare myself for going out in these times. It set the tone for my day in a positive way. It’s feelings that are more than needed in these trying times and so I am truly grateful. Our Dad is with us by our side. We are blessed indeed.

Please see the pictures below:

Please see Visitation dreams and Signs:


5. Quotes/Illustrative Examples: Visitation Dreams


6. Guest Feature: Tree Carr: Author, Dreaming Guide and Death Doula

Tree Carr is an author, dreaming guide and death doula. Please see: YouTube Video: After Death Visitation Dreams: Lucid Dream Tree

Please see excerpt from Dreams:  How to connect with your dreams to enrich your life (Please click the hyperlink to be directed to Tree Carr’s book).


One of the most un-researched and understudied of all Dream Genres is the phenomena of After Death Visitation Dreams. In many of my Dreaming Circles and my work as a Death Doula, countless people have shared dreams in which they were visited by a deceased loved one or friend.  The ADV Dreams that I’ve heard being shared and have researched all have similar qualities in the sense that they were healing, transformative and helped bring peace and solace to the grieving dreamer. 

Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, there’s no denying that an ADV Dream can bring comfort, emotional closure, peace and clarity to those suffering loss and bereavement

Over the span of history, human beings have followed ancient traditions of honouring, respecting and seeking guidance from their dead ancestors And it hasn’t ‘died out’ ,  Ancestor Worship is still practised all over the world today. From the autumnal celebrations of ‘Samhain’ in Ireland and Scotland to the colourful and vibrant  ‘Dia de los Muertos’ in Mexico, people from all walks of life around the globe take the idea of their deceased loved ones seriously.

Characteristics of an After Death Visitation Dream

Vivid and ultra realistic 

The dream will feel like reality and even some dreamers become fully lucid within an After Death Visitation Dream. Often the dreamer will note “What a minute, my grandmother is dead. I must be dreaming!’  Because of the clarity of awareness, this can make the dream much more profound, powerful, emotive and interactive.


Since the dream is hyper vivid and in some cases a Lucid Dream, sensations will be heightened. Your sense of touch and olfactory senses might be activated. 

I’ve heard dreamers share accounts of holding their grandmother’s hand or hugging their fathers and the tactile sensation feeling totally realistic. I’ve also heard accounts of dreamers smelling the perfume that was unique to their grandmothers. 

Calming Energy

The energy of the dream is one of peace, love and sometimes joy. 


After Death Visitations can occur out of the blue. Your loved one might have passed away 20 years prior to your dream and weren’t even on your mind. You could be having a very standard dream and then all of a sudden they show up. Then there are ADV Dreams where it’s quite soon after the person has died.

The Deceased Person Appears Younger

Another unusual attribute to ADV Dreams is that your deceased loved one appears to be a healthier and younger version of themselves. 


The dream is not surreal, full of abstraction or confusing. It feels like it is part of everyday life in many ways. 


The deceased convey a message of feeling of love, reassurance and joy.  Messages are of the nature of:  ‘I am doing well’’ or ‘I’ll always be with you’ 


The deceased may also impart guidance, advice, reminders, insights, warnings or life wisdom. Some even joke around.


Other cases, the deceased communicate telepathically rather than verbally.

Even without words, the dreamer is able to get the message.


Many who have shared ADV dreams have reported that the experience helped them with their grieving process.  After integrating the dream, they felt like they achieved closure and were able to cope better with the loss. 

Intense emotions 

Those who experience ADV Dreams often awaken feeling strong, usually positive emotions of love, joy, relief, astonishment or reflection.


ADV Dreams stay with people for years. Because the dream is so vivid, emotive and profound, it is never forgotten by the dreamer. 

Transformative One of the most prominent aspects of ADV Dreams is that they can completely transform the dreamer. Not only is it an emotional transformation moving through and receiving closure during the grieving process but it also can transform the perspective and consciousness of the dreamer.  Many who have experienced ADV Dreams have noted a stronger interest in exploring existential questions, the bigger picture and spiritual purpose and meaning. 

Please see Book Cover for: How to connect with your dreams to enrich your life (Please click the hyperlink to be directed to Tree Carr’s book).

Please see Tree Carr’s Contact details:


7. Visitation Dreams

7.1 Can a loved one come to you in a dream?

“Your dreams are extremely vivid”

“But when a deceased loved one is trying to contact you, you can generally feel, see, and hear them as if they were right next to you. Your dreams of them are intensely vivid and according to Patricia Garfield, Ph. … His eyes sparkled, and I felt filled with love and peace”. (30 Aug 2019)

7.2 What does it mean when loved ones visit you in your dreams?

“Sometimes the message your loved one wants to send is simply that they love you. After being visited in your dreams, you may feel a sense of peace over the loss of your loved one”.

7.3 What does it mean when you dream about someone who has passed away?

“It is commonly assumed that the dream of a dead person (talking to him, listening to his advice, and doing what he tells) is a sign of unexpected news or changes in life. … In case if in your dream a dead person comes back to life, it may mean that something lost will soon return (money, a thing, or even social status)”.6 Sep 2018

7.4 7 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Contacting You In Your Dreams

“Visitation dreams have been seen as a healthy part of the grieving process. The dreamer recalls the person who has passed, and for a brief time, is able to feel less pain and grief over their loss. It’s as though the presence of their friend or family member in a dream helps them feel like they didn’t really leave”.

7.5 What does it mean when a deceased loved one hugs you in a dream?

“Dreaming of hugging a dead loved one – If you dreamed of hugging someone very close who is departed, that dream is usually a sign of your grief and desire to see this person once more. It often reveals your denial of their death and refusal to accept that fact”. (29 Jul 2019).

7.6 What does it mean when you dream about your dad who passed away?

“If you dream about your dead father, it can obviously represent his own death. The subconscious mind makes dreams out of our memories and feelings. … He may symbolize a feeling or talent that you desperately need in your waking life. In some cases, he may also be representing the choice you have to make ahead of you”. (27 Apr 2018)

7.7 What does it mean when you see your deceased mother in your dreams?

“A mother figure in a dream is about protection and security. … The mother is our own identity and to see your mother die or to be “dead” in a dream or that she is already dead in real life but alive in a dream denotes that you need to move through a period of calmness in order to come out the other side”.

7.8 How To Interpret Dreams About Loved Ones

“Departed family and friends sometimes make appearances in our dreams, but what does it mean when they do”?


8. Links on Visitation Dreams


9. Our Final Thoughts:

We are pleased to have now published this post. With our topics although they might not always be planned, or may not be published at the time they’ve been written, one thing we do believe is that we publish topics when it feels right and appropriate. The same applies now. My sister and I believe this is being published at the right time.We say this for the following reasons:

  1. We hadn’t previously researched into including a video, therefore we wouldn’t have had the great opportunity of our guest feature: Tree Carr – Lucid Dream Tree
  2. The flowers in our garden hadn’t blossomed as yet, and so they wouldn’t have featured in this topic

We are sharing our story in the hope of helping others. But what has been nice is moments like this where we learn something for ourselves that is helpful, comforting for us. That is what the video from Tree Carr – Lucid Dream Tree did for us, and this is why we are so grateful for this collaboration.

We hope this topic might be of some use to someone, and we wish that everyone is keeping as well and safe as can be during these times.

Our YouTube Video description of this topic:



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