Delirium Awareness

© Copyright 2019 Grief Probate Journey Blog *PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM UK and AMERICAN WEBSITES* It is also based on our own experience. *We are not experts in this field, we are speaking purely on our own experience with information sought from the internet to give further examples.*

Following on from our topic Delirium, please see Delirium Awareness which covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Video- Delirium Awareness
  3. Illustrative examples of Delirium Awareness
  4. Useful links on Delirium Awareness
  5. Our final thoughts

1. Introduction

This blog is a work in progress. Our first initial thought was we wanted to share the knowledge of the many unknowns we were facing (and still are facing now).

We use various social media platforms to monitor which best suits to help us get our story out there. it came to our attention that the topic Delirium hadn’t been posted on one of our social media platforms (Facebook Business Page). We decided to share it there to see how it would go. We were overwhelmed, but also intrigued by the number of comments and shared stories that came about from this topic. We also learned that sadly many people have had loved ones suffer from Delirium, but the families were not aware of what it was. Our topic helped to create this awareness.

Because of this, we decided we needed to do an awareness topic to try and find out even more about this condition. We initially had a topic on Delirium as unfortunately for our Dad he suffered from this a lot whilst an inpatient in hospital. Unfortunately for us at that time, we were not provided with sufficient information about this condition to understand what it was. We had to learn it for ourselves. Through knowing our Dad and his characteristics, and doing our own research we were able to come to a better understanding of the condition.


2. Video – Delirium Awareness:

2.1: Youtube Video: What is Delirium?


3. Illustrative examples of Delirium Awareness/Delirium:


4. Useful links on Delirium Awareness:


5. Our Final Thoughts:

The blog is shaping itself, leading it’s own path. This is through the comments, likes, shares. Our topics are determined by comments from visitors to our page. With these topics, we have now decided to go one step further in the hope of generating even further awareness and a deeper. knowledge and understanding of all the topics we are sharing

Our hope. Is that our visitors continue to share stories, our topics continue to be shared locally, far and wide, and that we are able to help or make a difference to someone who might be going through a similar experience .


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